Main activities
Geological mineral exploration
  • core drillings 59 mm - 216 mm diameter
  • with diamond- and tungsten-carbide drilling bits
  • wire-line and traditional, double and triple core tube technology
  • over 95 % core recovery
  • multiple drilling oriented drilling, branched-hole drilling up to max. 2500 m depth

Environmental and geotechnical drillings
  • core drilling with flushing and dry 113 mm - 165 mm diameter
  • auger drilling 100-1000 mm diameter
  • provide undisturbed and uncontaminated samples by augert with inner transparent core tube or by simple, double, triple core tube.
  • drilling for bored piles up to 1000 mm diameter
  • drilling for contamination tests of soils and groundwater
  • implementation of monitoring well network for shallow and deep groundwater
  • planning, completion and operation of environmental remediation systems

Water well drilling
  • implementation of water wells from the planning, licensing up to the mechanical completion of the well (construction of well house, submersible pump, automatic control etc.)
  • drilling of irrigation wells for frms
  • completion of wells with traditional construction up to 500 m depth, with 300 mm final diameter
  • drilling of thermal wells, high quality implementation of up to date reamed well constructions with 600-800mm diameter
  • hydro-geological and hydro-dynamical tests and evaluation of water wells
  • bore-hole cleaning, renewal of wells

Underground drilling
  • core drillings 33 mm-- 121 mm diameter, 50-300 m lengths
  • drilling direction: 0°- 360 °
  • wire-line and traditional double and triple core tube technology
  • 95 - 100 % core recovery