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Our values

Loyality and Professionalism: Our clients may be assured to rely any time on our expertise and competence, along with the quality and the efficiency of our work so that they can feel confident about the legal matters that they have entrusted us with. Privacy is an essential and inevitable aspect of our work and our team is attentive and very precautious to the sensitivity of all matters entrusted to us, which included in our Data and Privacy policy. Constant consultations, quick reactions and the thorough analysis of all aspects relating to a specific matter, as well as our professional attitude are the credos of our work and the basis of the service level that we endeavour to provide to our clients. Maintaining there high quality standard is achieved through a continuous program of further education and training special courses, postgraduate courses, safety training and language courses. Our personnel countinously take part on IADC organized trainings as well as Well Control Accreditation Program (WellCAP)®.

Transparency: The Company intends to continue its growth based on fairness and commitment, taking into account the interests and aspects of the owners, employees, the immediate environment and those related to the Company's activities. In order to be fully accountable and transparent, the Company prepares its Corporate Governance and Sustainability Report annually, has a Code of Ethics, an Anti-Corruption Code and a HSE Manual (Health, Safety and Environment) specialized in its areas of activity. In accordance with the quality policy of ROTAQUA Ltd. is committed to the implementation of best quality.

Sustainability and social responsibility: The Company aims to enforce its responsibility for social, economic and environmental processes in the process of its operations and in the provision of its services, with special regard to its employees, customers and supplier partners, taking into account the Company's Sustainability and Coprotare Social Responsibility Strategy.