Drilling of water and thermal wells

Our machines and equipment ensure the implementation of up-to-date (stainless steel or fibreglass, GFK) water and thermal wells with variable depth even in very adverse rock conditions. We have constructed several wells with traditional and reamed, gravelled structure.

Water well drilling
The company worked in programs aiming at the baseline survey of the Hungarian vulnerable drinking water resources as the subcontractor of the MECSEKÉRC Rt. and the Waterplan Ltd. In these programs we implemented drilling of monitoring wells, borehole cleaning, well reconstruction, and different production tests and withdrawal test.
Our main references of the water well drilling :
  • Szentborbás
  • Somberek
  • Tettye
Thermal well drilling
The advantages of the thermal wells constructed by our company are the following: The casing planned to built in the borehole has the minimum quality of J-55 according to the API standards hot-rolled steel casing with threaded joints. The filters are the widely used Johnson filters which have good specific permeability, long lifetime and posterior cleanability. In our well construction technology at the penetration of the aquifer we use closed circuit flushing mud system containing no solid material so we can significantly decrease the contamination of the aquifer during the drilling activity.
Our main references of the thermal well drilling :
  • Barátúr
  • Celldömölk
  • Nagyberény
  • Nagykozár
  • Bóly
  • Szeleste
  • Jennesdorf, Austria