Environmental, geotechnical drillings

Water monitoring wells, investigation of soil and water contamination - Mecsek
The company has supplied the monitoring boreholes for the MÉV, MECSEKÉRC Rt. implementing the environmental remediation of uranium mining in the Mecsek from the beginning of the monitoring activity. Between 1990 and 2002 we have drilled more hundred monitoring wells, with depths ranging 20-550 m.

Clean-up of environmental pollutions and waste disposal sites
Between 1990-2002 we have performed the investigation of soil and groundwater contamination in the Garé and Hidas plant of Budapesti Vegyiművek Rt. with air flushing core drilling technology (80-100 wells), then we developed a monitoring and recovering network (30 wells) on both sites. The Clients were the Baranya County Health Authority, the Budapesti Vegyiművek Rt., Környezetgazdálkodási Intézet, and BIO-FERMENTA Ltd.
Near Nemesapáti in the frame of a preliminary enviro-geological and soil-mechanical investigation of a planned hazardous waste disposal we have drilled five boreholes (30-35 m) by air flushing core drilling, which were developed to groundwater monitoring wells. The Client was the Golder Associates Hungary. (1996)
During the preliminary investigation of the planned communal waste disposal in Pusztazámor we have drilled 5 core drillings and developed to monitoring wells them. The depth was 25-40 m. (1994)
Among the monitoring wells drilled by our company, we have to mention the Mátraszentimre- 1 monitoring well, of which task is to monitor the mine water of the former Gyöngyösoroszi lead and zinc mine. Its speciality was we had to drill into a tunnel (as a target area) located 330 m depth from the surface.

Drilling for Phare Projects
In the frame of PHARE Project HU-9911-01 we have completed 105 water sampling wells around 33 communal waste disposals located in six South- and West Transdanubian Counties. The Client was the Canor International..