Geological research

Geological stratigraphic drillholes

We have drilled the 1200 m deep BAT-4 borehole for Mecsek Ore Mining Company in the area of Bakonya . Boda. Wireline technology was used to meet the high core recovery requirements.

Contract core drillings in the East-Mecsek for the Mecsek Coal Mines. The 50-100 m deep boreholes were drilled for explorang black coal and zeolite. We have drilled also a deep high-precision backfilling borehole at Zobák shaft for Mecsek Coal Mines.

We have completed bauxite exploration diamond boreholes for the the Hungarian State Geological Institute in the Villányi-Mountains and in Baranya, Tolna, Somogy Counties in limestone and loose clayey-sandy-gravely sediments. The depth of the holes varied 50-100 m.
The deepest (500 m) was drilled near Görgeteg in young loose sediment.
In several sites we have drilled stratigraphic boreholes (deeper than 2000 m) for the Hungarian State Geological Institute: at Bogádmindszent, Görgeteg, Iharosberény, Kékkút, Magyarbóly, Nagyberény, Palóznak, Révfülöp, Sopron, Szombathely.